Wawa Wafiyyah: Women: Don't want to lose men heart

Women: Don't want to lose men heart

If a man's heart fail, it's hopeless you gonna be in the most privileged place in her heart. You will only be able to be a part of her fondest memories.

If a man's heart fail, you're not gonna be able to win her heart back.
because for him, that all you got him back you will start acting up shortly.
without you realize not one  man.

Don't be too jealous to make him angry
Although women are actually jealous for fear of losing.

Don't stifling. it will make men shortness of breath and tired.

Don't take things too fast and sulk.
Although women actually want it always.

We  whenever will be the 'servant'
if the wife must follow a conversation will always be husband

Now if you control queen, married the day after tomorrow you will still have to follow the dictates of her husband understand from now.

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